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Athene Masonic Lodge No.5349

Province of Surrey


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History of Athene Lodge

Early in 1931 a small group of Brethren, mainly associated with the Sutton County School, now known as Sutton Grammar, met to consider forming a Masonic Lodge to meet in Sutton, Surrey.

On the 25th January 1932, a Petition bearing 23 signatures was forwarded to the Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, requesting approval from the Grand Master to grant a Warrant of Constitution to form a Regular Lodge to meet under the name “Athena” in reference to the close association to the school.


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On the 10th February 1932 news was received that the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales had approved the Petition and it had been sent to the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England.

On the 2nd March 1932 a new Warrant was issued under the slightly amended name of “Athene” and arrangements were put in place for the Consecration ceremony to take place at Mark Masons Hall, Great Queen Street on the 10th May 1932.

The Master Designate, W.Bro E. R. Batten, L.R., was duly installed in the Chair and entrusted with the Warrant of the Lodge.  Brothers J. A. Cockshutt, M.Sc., (Headmaster Sutton County School; 1925-1956) and M. Simms were invested as Senior and Junior Wardens.

A committee was elected to frame the By-Laws and the following propositions were carried unanimously;

1.That the R.W. Provincial Grand Master –H.R.H. The Prince of Wales- be invited graciously to become an Honorary Member of the Lodge.

2.That the Consecrating Officers be elected as Honorary Members.

3.That the Lodge should endeavour to qualify as a Hall Stone Lodge of the Masonic Memorial Fund

In the following years, through loans and donations, Athene Lodge became a Hall Stone Lodge and then a Patron Lodge of the Royal Masonic Hospital in 1939.

After the War information was received that the Contract for the purchase of the Sutton Masonic Hall had been signed and exchanged and the Lodge contributed 300 Guineas to become a shareholder.

At a meeting on the 17th December 1949, it was reported that a Petition had been signed for a Warrant of Constitution for a Royal Arch Chapter to be attached to the Lodge. At the following meeting in February 1950 it was reported that the Petition had been approved by Supreme Grand Chapter and the new Athene Chapter was consecrated on the 9th May 1950.

The Lodge of Instruction, which was sanctioned by the Lodge at the first meeting after Consecration met at Sutton County School for the first 25 years.