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Did you know?

Is Freemasonry an open society?

Yes, it is, but Lodge meetings are private and only open to members, just like many other organisations. Masons are encouraged to talk openly about Masonry and although certain parts of a ceremony are not disclosed, there is nothing else that cannot be discussed with anyone. Many Lodge meeting places encourage community events to take place in their venues.


Is Freemasonry religious or political?

Freemasonry is not a religious organisation although there is a qualification for admission –the belief in a Supreme Being. There are all faiths and religions in Freemasonry but religion is not discussed and there is never a conflict. Contrary to some misconceptions, Roman Catholics have never been banned from becoming Freemasons and many are involved at the highest levels.  Similarly, politics is never discussed at a Masonic

meeting and although members are entitled to their views, the organisation will never become involved in any political matters, nor can it influence any decisions of a political nature.


Do Freemasons only look after each other?

No – Freemasonry is possibly the largest donor to charity; the first being the National Lottery. It has Masonic charities that look after Mason’s wives, children’s education and their elderly and infirm, but these are funded entirely by Masons and no monies come from the public for these Masonic institutions. It is possible that the Hospice movement would collapse without the help given by Masonry. Many other charities have benefited

over many years from donations by Masons and their Lodges, especially in the areas of medicine, medical research and in the needs of children.

Frequently Asked  Questions

- King George VI

There are nearly six million Freemasons worldwide.

Famous Freemasons

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mozart was initiated into Freemasonry on the 14th December 1784 in the Lodge Zur Wohltätigkeit  in Vienna. Soon afterwards he introduced his father, Leopold, and is believed to have been instrumental in bringing Haydn into freemasonry.


He began composing music for Masonic occasions in 1785 and was to continue in this field until his death.